Community Member Portal

Welcome to the Community Member Portal

CareCorp Communities are dedicated to keeping residents connected. Visit the app store and download the CareCorp Communities app where you can put in a request to book a range of facilities at your building, arrange to meet with your building manager and access community notices.

Simply click the ‘Requests’ tab in the navigation panel and you will be able to directly email your request to the most appropriate manager at your apartment complex. We will send you an email in response to confirm the booking.

You can also request information like:

  • OC fee notices
  • Dates for your Annual General meeting
  • Minutes of Annual and Special Meetings
  • General correspondence for all lot owners
  • Community Newsletters
  • Owners Corporation Special and Model rules
  • Policies for the Community
  • Information about your community activities



  • Insurance reinstatement valuations on your buildings will be carried out as required by the legislation.
  • Claims will be attended to and processed in a timely manner.
  • We will seek the most competitive market price for your Building Insurance policy.


  • Your bank accounts will be in the name of the owners corporation.
  • Bank Statement and financial reports will be available on request.
  • Auditing of the ownersCorporation end of year financial reports will be arranged where required.


  • We send regular newsletters to our clients keeping them advised of changes to legislation and keeping them abreast of the business of yourowner’s corporation.
  • We conduct regular podcast information sessions for
    lot owners so they have an opportunity to be involved in the business and functions of their Owners Corporation.


  • Our staff will arrange for all repairs and maintenance for your Owners Corporation.Including quotes and tenders asper your procurement Policy.
  • Expert opinions will be obtained for difficult and complex repairs
    / Maintenance on behalf of theOwners Corporation.


  • We use Urbanise software which provides a comprehensive overview of all the activities of the OwnersCorporation business.
  • We provide access to all owners for fee payment advice, minutes of meetings and newsletters.
  • Our Committees ofManagement have an extra level of information having the ability to check financial reports, invoice approval and expenditure.


  • CareCorp Communities have the flexibility to conduct meetings electronically and face to face.
  • We also provide the opportunity for pre meeting voting if owners have another commitment of the date and time for the meeting.
  • At CareCorp Communities we invite all owners to get involved and understand the business and functions.


We have a Full-time after-hours service provider company Roscon who are available for all out of hours emergencies.

Roscon can be contacted on 1800 767 266


Lot owners, property managers and agents are all able to make payment for the owner’s corporation fees and charges simply and easily online.

Follow up of unpaid fees and charges is automatic and lot owners are reminded on a regular basis if they have forgotten to make a payment of their fees.